Sunday, 24 March 2013

Another hurdle!!

Looks like I've got another hurdle to cross to get my business up and running, and this time its in the form of the job centre. As I've been taking part on the New Enterprise Allowance scheme I have to have a live claim in place for me to stay on it. As the other half found a job, our joint claim was no longer valid, and thanks to a lot of misadvice, wrong claim packs and a not very helpful civil servant, who seemed to want to get home than answer the questions I had asked......needless to say, I ended up a tiny bit frustrated to say the least......anyway, after yet another phone call, I was advised (hopefully correctly) that the slight break in claims should not effect my NEA scheme place, especially as my business plan is good to fingers crossed that the next time I catch up with you, I can officially say I am busy busy busy being self employed and shopping for a sewing machine and lots of lovely fabrics and materials to make you all some fabulous items for your homes and gardens :D

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