Monday, 22 April 2013

so many sewing machines!!!

So after waiting and waiting, my business plan has officially been approved and my business loan has been sent, I can now make my most important sewing machine, but which one is best for me. 

I've trawled internet sites, craft forums, you tube videos till my eyes are sore and my brain aches...I'm waiting for the dreams to start any night now lol.

So after viewing what feels like a trillion machines (yes, i know slight exaggeration but it felt like it at the time) I managed to narrow it down to two. So my next step was to re read blogs, reviews and any available videos of the Janome TXL607 and the Frister Rossmann QE404. 

At a £200 price difference, I would normally just go for the cheaper option, but as I said earlier, this is an important purchase for my business to succeed and I need a sewing machine that will last but also have a wide array of functions and be able to sew through different thicknesses of material...from satin to leather.

After a lot of reading I couldn't really see any difference between the two apart from one design was nicer on the eye than the other, until I saw one line that made my mind up for me.....the material its capable of sewing through....

So, tomorrow, I'm off to Morton on the Wirral to pick up my (queue drum roll)


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