Friday, 14 June 2013

a day devoted to my laptop

It's Friday and after a busy busy week, getting lots of prep done for loads of new items, getting covered in paint and the birth of my new niece Arya & my Dad's birthday, I have once again neglected my media presence a teeny tiny bit. So I have decided to dedicate every Friday to writing a new blog for you all and updating every bit of social media I am attached to....and after today, it's a lot!!

I have to admit, once I get going I get quite a bit done, but as most crafters will find, we prefer to be up to our ears in material, glue, paint and anything else we can get our hands and getting creative. Also being a bit of a technophobe doesn't help either, but I do like writing my blog and telling you all what's been going on over the week.

I can tell you that coming soon to the store will be a few retro aprons, vases, plant pot holders and cushions for your little chicklets to laze out on in the kids sections of the site, "Chicklet Corner". 

So remember to head on over to my website to have a look at whats available to buy and my social media sites at                                                                   


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