Monday, 12 August 2013

The value of a crafter and their goods

I've just got back from my second craft fair and after a pretty successful day filled with lots of lovely comments about the things I make and a few purchases made by some people there, I find I'm still faced with the problem of people not understanding why I charge what I do for some of the items......mainly my bags.
Each bag I design is always made by myself from high quality products, yes, I could probably get cheaper, inferior materials, but then they would look & feel cheap & inferior and people definitely wouldn't continue purchasing my items. They also need to understand that a lot of time goes into creating these items, especially the hand painted items. I do not use a printing machine, knocking out one generic pattern after another. I paint them with a trusty paint brush held in my hand. If it was a painting for a wall would they still raise an eyebrow to pay £20 to £30 for that item.
I wonder if other crafter's out there experience the same issues, especially those that don't follow the let's all recreate Cath Kidson look, that has swamped the market over the last few years.
I personally like to create something that looks and is individualistic and always hear that people always want something that looks unique, yet will then spend £30 to £40 on a generic bag from a high street retailer that everybody else has. Yes, that's definitely the way to go for that unique look that you say you want.
Yes, its very frustrating at times, but I will not be disheartened, as today has proven that there are some people out there that still value the hard work that is put in to out handmade items, not forgetting the love, imagination and dedication to each and every item.
So thank you to those people that realise that they are getting a good price for what is basically a little work of art and hopefully some of the eyebrow raising at the price people might just realise that our goods are worth paying that few pound more......or on occasions a lot less than factory mass produced look that will never manage to give you that unique look you all covet.

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